Air Systems:
CTB Inc specializes in the testing and commissioning of Air Systems. They have extensive experience in Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing commercial air conditioning and ventilation systems. The balancing of an Air System is more that just ensuring the proper amount of airflow is being distributed by each air diffuser. CTB Inc can test the entire system from the air intakes to the final distribution to ensure a proper and efficient operation exists. All work is completed with calibrated equipment and following written procedures. All test results are documented in a comprehensive report that is suitable for presentation to Inspection or Audit Authorities. CTB also performs duct leakage testing, as well as individual room pressure and leak testing and residential home leak tests (utilizing a door blower system)
Hydronic Systems:
CTB Inc has extensive experience in the commissioning and testing of a wide range of Hydronic Systems from Chilled Water to the flow of liquids in Process lines. CTB Inc can analyze an entire Chilled Water system from pumps to chillers and cooling towers.  In addition, they have experience in the set-up and commissioning of purified water loop systems and specialized cooling systems.  CTB Inc can analyze a system in details and capture the operating conditions in an easy to read and understand System Status Report.
Process Equipment:
The set up and commissioning of detailed Proces s Equipment requires experience and knowledge to ensure proper operation. CTB Inc has the experience to commission or trouble shoot process equipment that has multiple utility systems, such as liquid cooling or heating as well as HVAC. CTB Inc can test for the proper flow rates of air and liquids, check sound and vibration levels and measure the RPM, temperatures, voltages and other critical parameters. CTB Inc has experience working in Process Areas and the technicians are trained in cGMP to ensure compliance of all completed work. A detailed report is completed for all testing and measuring projects and the results of the critical parameters are captured in a detailed report.