About Us
The CTB Inc Team:
The CTB Inc Team is comprised of experienced TABB Engineers and Technicians dedicated to understanding the clients testing - balancing needs and completing the project utilizing state of the art equipment. CTB Inc provides a completed report at the conclusion of a project to document all the testing and balancing work that was performed.

CTB Inc has a competent technical team with permanent TABB Certified supervisors and technicians. The team includes two TABB Certified Supervisors and five permanent TABB Certified technicians. The entire CTB Inc team is dedicated to providing outstanding service for their clients by delivering the best possible job that results in the clients systems operating reliably and efficiently.
The CTB Inc Dedication to Customer Services:
CTB Inc has been operating since 1999 and their motto is: “If it doesn’t work, Call us".  CTB Inc is proud of it’s customer service and is considered a specialist in remediation of non-compliant HVAC systems by working closely with the system designer and owners to ensure compliance. CTB Inc has a long list of satisfied clients and is the preferred balancing contractor for GlaxoSmithKline at multiple facilities on the East Coast.

CTB Inc works with the client every step of the testing and balancing process and their technical service goes far beyond just testing in the field.  CTB Inc offers services to write testing protocols and provides comprehensive testing reports at the conclusion of the project testing phase.
TABB Certification and CTB Inc
The Testing, Adjusting and Balancing Bureau  (TABB) started its contractor certification program in 2001 and since then, TABB has  certified close to 70 contracting companies, including CTB Inc.  Every client of a TABB Certified contractor benefits from the highest quality of work on the part of TABB Technicians, Certified Supervisors, and Contractors (“TABB Professionals”).  The experience of CTB Inc is essential to the integrity of the TABB Certification Program.